1. Film to be used as temporary support in industrial and craft embroidery. The main advantage of this application is the saving of time, as the embroidery operator does not have to remove the support once the embroidery is completed, but allow it to dissolve completely with the first washing. Thus there are no residues left on the cloth embroidered as it usually happens by using traditional materials.
  2. Bags for the packaging of colouring substance to be used in dying processes. The water soluble bag containing colouring substances is thrown directly into the tanks where the clothing is being coloured. Such application protects the operators from volatilisation of such substances, which are in some cases very dangerous. It is not necessary to dispose of the bags as in the case of PE or PP, as HYDROLENE® bags dissolve completely during the colouring process. Moreover, it is possible to obtain the exact dosage of colouring substance. Once the bag is prepared it can be stored and used when needed.