About Us

RAJIV JAIN presently the Director of ‘NEEDLES & ELEMENTS INDIA [I] Pvt. Ltd.’ started activities in the knitting industry business in 1991 as technician to repair / recondition hand knitting machines. In the year 1992, started making spare parts for various kinds of hand knitting machines and automatic flat / circular knitting machines. Later the company started dealing in all kinds of knitting machine needles which gave a great boost to the growth to the company and a firm standing in the knitting industry. As the time passed, the experience and growth progressed. In the year 1993 proprietor ship company 'JAIN HOSIERY' was formed which started dealing in needles & parts for automatic knitting machines.

In the year 1999 we became a specialized company to provide machinery for laces, narrow fabrics, elastics and fancy yarns. Then we started dealing in various other textile solutions specifically required by our customers. We started dealing in Rhine stone setting machines, cord braiding machines, sequencing machines, metallic yarns etc. Time passed and so increased our strength in knitting industry. In the year 1996 , started importing needles and machinery from South Korea and later became the dealer of DAEHAN KNITTING NEEDLE INDUSTRIAL COMAPNY LIMITED. Then we started venturing in the narrow fabric and fancy yarn industry. In the year 1998 we became the sole distributor of TAIWAN GIU CHUN INDUSTRIAL CO.LTD.Of Taiwan who are a pioneer in producing machinery for laces, elastics, fancy fabrics and fancy yarns. We enjoy the highest sales in India for such machines.

Year 2000 and 2001 were taking us to new heights and we became importer / indenter for nylon clear film yarn. We became the sole agent for METATEX METALLIC YARN CO.LTD. Of Taiwan in the year 2002. Our client list started becoming stronger day by day and we supplied machines in companies like Vardhman Spinning Mills, Oswal Woolen Mills, Supreme Yarns Ltd., Dhawan Woolen Mills, Nestler Woolen Mills etc. In the year 2003 we became the agent for SEN HUANG MACHINERY CO. LTD., a power flat knitting machine manufacturer from Taiwan. In the year 2004 we became the sole agent for TECHNISERVICE U.S.A. Another fancy yarn machine producer. Then came the boom of laces and other narrow fabric items in the textile machinery in India and we started dealing in needle looms and lace braiding machines. We became the sole agent of GUANGZHOU FEIHONG ELECTRO MACHINERY SCIENCE TECHNOLOGY CO. LTD. Of China in the year 2005 who are one of the biggest producer of needle looms and computerized lace braiding machines. We sold machinery for such products like laces and elastics to Pioneer Embroidery, Ginza Industries, Jain Narrow Fabrics, Royal Elastics, Hemla Embroideries, K.G.Embroidery Mills etc. In year 2006 we became the agent for another Chinese fancy yarn machinery producer SUZHOU HUILONG TEXTILE MACHINERY CO. LTD. This company is a producer of machinery for twisting , texturising, winding, chenille yarn machine and flerry / circular cylinder fancy yarn machine.

As on today we also are representing 2 more world renowned machine manufacturers from Taiwan and China. We represent TONTUN CORPORATION who are contineous dyeing machinery manufacturer & KYANG YEH [DONGGUAN] MACHINERY CHINA/TAIWAN who make needle looms, braiding machines etc.

We hope to keep providing the Indian textile industry new technology & solutions for a great , smooth & advanced growth.